måndag 26 oktober 2009


Lunch spansk tid på ambassadörens residens. Distingerade spanska gäster. Lissabonstrategi, utbildning och finansiering i klimatavtalet på menyn. Och glass till efterrätt.

3 kommentarer:

Francisco José Peña Rodríguez sa...

Hello Sofia.

The Spanish we have many faults but the food is one of our points to favor... Yes or not?

Also in your honor, for visiting itself, I have dedicated my entry of today in my blog.


Fia sa...

Spanish food is fantastic. We love it! Tapas forever. :)

Francisco José Peña Rodríguez sa...

Genial!!! When I travel to Sweden I will cook a "paella" for you and for all the members of your party that you want and also I will prepare "tapas" :-)